Interactive Broadcasting Ltd was the company founded in 1989 to develop and market the multiplayer game Federation. The game has appeared in many incarnations around the world, in many cases out living the online services it has appeared on.

Interactive Broadcasting has now ceased trading and the ownership of ibgames and Federation 2 has reverted to its creator, Alan Lenton.

Federation's role of honour of on-line services includes: Compunet (UK), Compulink (Greece), Microlink (UK), Matrix (UK), GEnie (USA), On-line (UK), Minitel (France), Delphi (USA), Cris (USA) and AOL (USA). Language specific enhancement in the AOL version allowed German, French and UK players to use their own languages while playing the same game as US players. Fed2 is now available on the internet.

In 1991, Federation was awarded the GEnieMakers Best New Product award by General Electric's GEnie consumer network. In December 1996, Federation won an America Online Members' Choice award for being one of the most popular products on the system.

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