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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: April 12, 2015

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by Hazed

No sooner do we return from our Easter break, the newsdroids stuffed full of chocolate covered gears and wiring, than we have to take another week off.

This time, it’s real life work commitments: I will be working on Saturday at a financial show, the UK Investors Show, which if past years are anything to go by will leave me far too exhausted on Sunday to beat the newsdroids into producing the Fed2 Star.

The Star will be back the following week, on April 26, for one week only, then it will take another break for the spring holiday weekend. A further holiday follows at the end of May. Yes, we do get a lot of holidays crammed into a few months.

So the schedule looks like this:

  • April 26 – Fed2 Star will publish
  • May 3 – no news
  • May 10 – Fed2 Star will publish
  • May 17 – Fed2 Star will publish
  • May 24 – no news
  • May 31 – Fed2 Star will publish

After that we’ll settle down to the normal run of publishing, with one week off every month, until it’s time for the summer holidays.

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