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EARTHDATE: April 12, 2015

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by Hazed

Everyone knows that the TSA uses some kind of secret rulebook to determine who they are going to pull out of the airline queue and scrutinise. But now we know exactly what those rules are, because an internal document has been leaked that details a 92-point checklist screeners are supposed to follow.

Each entry on the list is allocated a certain number of points. TSA agents are meant to look out for travellers who display any of the behaviours, and tot up the points. If they accumulate enough points to pass certain thresholds, they are referred for extra screening.

So what are these signs that you might be a dangerous terrorist? Well, exaggerated yawning is one of them. So better not be suffering from a late night, or have to get up really early to catch your flight! So is clearing your throat excessively, so don’t have a bad cold. Arriving late for your flight is also considered suspicious, as are the following:

  • rubbing your hands, or wringing them
  • excessive sweating
  • whistling
  • gazing down
  • having widely open staring eyes

All these things are apparently signs that you might be a terrorist.

Plus, if you complain excessively about the screening process, that’s considered suspicious too.

How ridiculous. Besides, even if any of these rules made a bit of sense, they are not practical – with the volume of people passing through the airport, how can TSA staff possibly apply a 92-item checklist to everyone? The sooner this daft system is junked completely, the better.

Source: http://rt.com/usa/244721-tsa-behavior-checklist-leak/

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