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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: June 7, 2015

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by Hazed

Another new month, another brown envelope drops onto the virtual doormat in the Fed2 HQ. It’s the bill we have to pay to keep Fed going: the hosting costs and the network charges.

So it’s time for me to ask you for money.

Yes, Fed is free, but we rely on getting some money from some of you to pay the game’s expenses and ensure it stays running. You give us your money by purchasing some slithy toves. These are tokens that you can exchange in the game for goods or services. You can make one-off purchases of slithies at $5 each, or you can take out a subscription to buy some each month at a big discount. Go to the Extras page to get your slithies.

But why should you bother?

Well, leaving aside the fact that if nobody buys slithies and we don’t get any money in, the game won’t be able to run any more, and eschewing thoughts of altruistic motives on your part, you should buy slithies because of all the useful and entertaining things you can spend them on, such as:

  • Price checking – there’s a variety of souped up remote price checkers available that will aid anybody trading goods on the exchanges
  • Navcomp – if you’re running cargo in the Solar system, a navcomp upgrade can make it easy to find your way from planet to planet
  • Teleporter – for truly luxury travel you can teleport from place to place with ease
  • Boost your planet cash – exchange a slithy tove for funds in your treasury, to help you do those infrastructure builds quicker
  • Planet design – if you’re feeling creative but the limit on locations on your planet is cramping your style, buy some extras

There’s a full list of all the exciting things you can do with slithies here. So go on. Give some dollars to Fed, and keep the game running.

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