Slithy toves can be used to obtain a wide variety of things, some of which are functional, some social, and some frivolous. Here is a list of what you can currently get:

Fighting Fund

Buy slithies to contribute to the Fed Fighting Fund, to decide whether Alan will put ship fighting back into the game. Click here for more info.

Functional Items

Ship Permit - new players start with one slithy tove, which they use to bribe the clerk to get their ship permit.

NavComp upgrade - upgrade the software in your ship's navigational computer and you will be able to move between the Sol planets automatically using the 'GOTO' command. Buy this illicit upgrade from Arnie's Surplus Store on the lower level of the moon, for one slithy - 'BUY NAVCOMP SOFTWARE'. The upgrade lasts until you sell your ship.

Teleporter - Merchants and above can rent a teleporter from Emily's Emporium on The Lattice (use the green disks) - 'RENT TELEPORTER'. It costs 1 slithy tove for 31 days.

Customs exemption certificate - you can bribe a customs office to give you a certificate that will keep you safe from being stopped and searched by customs. The certificate lasts for 31 days. Visit the cusoms shed, near Earth's spaceport, and you will be sure to find a corrupt officer who will accept one slithy - 'BRIBE MANAGER'.

Remote price checking - Messrs Trumble, Cruikshank & Bone, the brokers on Earth, offer a remote price checking service available to Merchants and above - 'BUY REMOTE SERVICE'. The cost is one slithy tove for 31 days.

Remote price upgrade - an upgrade to the remote price checking service is also available for a one-off payment of two slithy toves, which lets you check the prices of a whole commodity group on a planet - 'UPGRADE REMOTE SERVICE'.

Premium price ticker - the ultimate in price checking tools, it gives you the price of a commodity of every planet in the Galaxy, so long as you have the basic remote price checking service - 'BUY PREMIUM TICKER'. It costs five slithy toves.

Insurance premium reduction - every time you reinsure, your premium goes up as you become a higher risk. Go to Venus and you will find a droid who will help you; bribe it with one slithy tove and it will knock 5 deaths off your record - 'BRIBE ZORK857'.

Warehouse permit - Merchants need a permit before they can build warehouses, and as well as having to complete 300 successful trades and pay over a stack of groats, you will also need to bribe the clerk in the Planning and Zoning Dept with one slithy - 'BUY WAREHOUSE PERMIT'.

Depot permit - CEOs can upgrade depots once, adding an extra floor to the building, but before you can build your depot any higher you need a depot permit, which costs one megagroat plus one slithy - 'BUY DEPOT PERMIT'.

Factory storage permit - Manufacturers can increase factory storage once, but to make it any bigger you need a storage permit, which costs half a megagroat plus one slithy - 'BUY STORAGE PERMIT'.

Factory efficiency permit - Manufacturers can increase factory efficiency once, but to increase it further you need a permit, which costs five megagroats and two slithies - 'BUY FACTORY PERMIT'.

Ship registration facility - Planet Owners can purchase a ship registration facility so that any ships sold on your planet are added to your merchant fleet, which improves planet and factory efficiency. It costs five slithies - 'BUY REGISTRY'.

Alternative financing for infrastructure builds - Planet Owners can convert 4 slithy toves into 10 meg cash, which is added to your treasury. There is a limit of one transformation per planet every two weeks - 'TRANSFORM SLITHIES'.

Airport upgrade - Owners of leisure planets, once you have built ten airports, can upgrade them for five slithies so that you can move workers between the planets in your system - 'UPGRADE AIRPORT' then 'ASSIGN xx WORKERS FROM planetname TO planetname'.

SpyNet Data Change - SpyNet will change the entry for your race in return for 1 slithy tove. The new race will be all lower case and with no spaces (so one word only). Email and give your Fed2 character name, and the new race that you want. Don't forget to put Fed2 in the subject line.

Stat Improvements - You can increase your stat points up to a limit of 150, for 1 slithy tove. You are restricted to one increase per day - 'BUY statname' ie stamina, strength, dexterity and intelligence. You have to be in the place that offers the service for that stat:

Social Services

Marriage - the Galactic Administration only registers marriage between members of the aristocracy, where issues of property and inheritence are important. However, the registrar will agree to marry couples from all walks of life, in exchange for a bribe of one slithy. He will conduct the ceremony in the registry office on Earth - use the command 'MARRY playername'. The happy couple will be given wedding rings inscribed with the name of their beloved, and the marriage will be officially registered.

Customized rooms for your wedding - for 2 slithy toves, you can hold your wedding party in a customized room at the back of the registry office. The actual official ceremony has to be held in the main room, and then you can move to your own room for personalized vows and party. You write the room description (up to 1,000 characters long) or you just tell Hazed what kinds of things you want and she'll write it for you. You can have a message sent to your guests as they enter the room, and a couple of objects with commands attached if you choose. Free champagne will be provided for the guests. To book your personalized room, email and tell Hazed what you want, at least four days before you want to hold the wedding.

Divorce - you can dissolve your marriage for two slithy toves by going to the registry office and using the command 'DIVORCE'. You do not need to have your spouse present.

Style Items

Keyring - The high-class Earth store Gallagher's will sell you a TenBrane keyring with the key to the Galactic Administration's executive washroom, for one slithy - 'BUY KEYRING'. It comes with the key to the executive washroom.

Charms - the ultimate accessory to hang on your keyring, Gallaghers on Earth sells a different charm every month. These desirable status symbols can be displayed when somebody examines you. Plus, seasonal specials are available from other artisans; details will be published in the Fed2 Star.

Trading Cards - Clive's Collectibles on Earth sells a series of trading cards, one each month, for a slithy tove.


Slithy Tove Room - possesion of at least one slithy gets you into the private room in Earth's mini-zoo, where the rare creatures are actually kept.

Executive Washroom - the key to the executive washroom, which comes with the TenBrane keyring, allows you to use the private facilities in the Galactic Administration.

Ming's Hunting Lodge - sponsors get access to Ming's hunting lodge in the wilderness on Earth - see below.

Planet Extras

Extend your display cabinet - POs can add an extra 13 slots to their display cabinet for 1 slithy tove. The command is 'EXTEND CABINET'.

Plutocrats extra planets - Plutocrats can purchase extra planets which can be either an agri or bio planet, by paying slithies:

Fifth planet - 4 slithies
Sixth planet - 10 slithies
Seventh planet - 20 slithies
Eighth planet - 40 slithies

Submit the extra planet to and tell us whether you want it to be an agri or bio.

Extra locations on your planet - Founders can increase the size of their planets by purchasing an extra 30 locations for 2 slithy toves, bringing the total allowed in the star system to 80. Engineers can also get an extra 30 locations, giving a total of 110. Moguls can purchase an extra 30 per planet by paying two slithy toves for each of your planets (in other words, 60 extras for 4 slithies) which means you can have a total of 190 locations in your system. Gengineers get yet another 30 (90 extras for 6 slithies) bringing the total permissible to 270 locations. Finally, Plutocrats also get another 30 for their extra planets (120 extras for 8 slithies). Email if you want to do this.

Reserve your System and Planet Name - if you have an idea of what your planet is going to be like right at the start of your Fed life, and you want to make sure nobody else uses the names of your choice before you are ready to become a Founder, reserve the names by emailing them to It costs two slithy toves. More details here.

Custom Objects and Events - if you'd like to have some custom objects added to your planet, or if you want some events, Hazed will code them for you in exchange for slithy toves. You'll find the details on the custom object page.


As well as using your slithies to get goodies in the game, you can donate them, which means you are directly helping with the running costs for Fed2. Use the command 'SPONSOR FED amount' where 'amount' is the number of slithies you want to donate. The game will deduct that number of slithies, and flag you as a sponsor for the year. This will give you access to Ming's hunting lodge, in the wilderness on Earth, and if you wish you can have your name added to the sponsorship page on the web site. Email to tell us what name you want to appear on the page. If you do not email us, then your sponsorship remains anonymous.

There is more information about the way corruption works in today's bureaucracy in the Encylopedia Galactica.

To get your hands on some slithy toves and take advantage of the corruption, make a purchase.