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EARTHDATE: November 4, 2007

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Conspiracy Theory Week 4
by Lagkiller

Good day to you good Fedders. Even though Hazed has been routinely beating her newsdroids to discover the leaking droid, she has yet to hit hard enough to make a "dent". This week I bring you the real story behind so-called planetary construction.

So Slarti offers planet owners their very own planet, and at no cost to boot! A very good deal for those willing to sacrifice whole star systems for their own personal benefit. Many of you think that there is nothing beyond the few gates that we jump to, but of course a planet could only be constructed given equal amounts of matter. You all know that there is matter in the universe, and on a more basic level, energy. Thus the only way for Slarti to be creating planets is by taking matter and converting it into different matter. This would be all fine and good if he was simply mining an asteroid belt, but secret documents leaked by the GA at a supreme slithy cost have revealed that Slarti has been cleared for link travel to all newly discovered systems before anyone else.

In fact he is allowed to go into systems and destroy planets in the system that are not under control of the newly founded planet owner. This is why the link starts out closed, so no one else can sneak in and see him blowing up planets and harvesting them for debris. "So what?" most people would ask. Here is the answer: there is no consideration for pre-existing life on these planets. In fact, the reason there are artifact production on many new planets is simply that they have destroyed another civilization in the process of completing the planet. Why else would there be buried remains and tombs on a planet that has existed only for a week and started at a inter-stellar space travel level of development?

This practice of mass slaughter must end! We all must band together and prevent further slaughter of species that need our protection!

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