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EARTHDATE: January 14, 2018

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by Sanguine

Hello Fedites,

I am temporarily assigned as a News Droid for this week as our Demigoddess, Hazed requested I write an article about original Fed Classic in honor of Fed’s birthday. She mistakenly believes that just because I am an old man with memories of Fed Classic from the AOL days and after it was ported to the Internet that I can also write articles.

I was once upon a time long long ago and in a Federation Galaxy far far away the not always humble Maxofearl, Duke of Steam. My lady was Honeysuite, Duchy of Honeycomb. We both started and advanced together under the tutelage of Duchess Tapestry.

Back in that day we had many more international players and it was nice to have players from places other than Britain and the USA. I wish we had some now.

There are some ancient archives from eons ago which you may enjoy reading although I couldn’t find any of my antics and wise cracks there. I was a regular feature in the Fed Funnies in the old days because I was always making wisecracks and jokes on the coms which Tapestry always seem to catch and submit to Fed News Funnies of the Week.

My real career is making sure boilers and pressure vessels don’t explode. That is an extreme over simplification but will have to do in the limited space of this article. I told you that to explain that my old Fed Classic planet, Steam was a gigantic powerhouse with a huge multi story “Super Critical Boiler” (you can google that), all of the boiler’s support equipment such as feed water pumps, forced and induced draft blowers, gas and oil burners as well as coal feeders and of course a huge steam turbine driving a generator big enough to supply all of the Steam Duchy’s power needs.

It would seem that the single biggest memory of those of us that played Fed Classic on AOL is numerous crashes and the thing we all seem to miss is the puzzles.

I very much miss the TTTT parties. So who all can remember just exactly what a TTTT Party was?

I also remember hauling parties where all duchy mates would haul out a fellow duchy PO’s exchange a few hours before he/she would promote to minimize the loss of groats stored up in the planet’s stockpiles.

I suppose there is one thing that I don’t miss about Fed Classic, I don’t have a 64k dial up modem anymore.

That is about all I can think of. So who is going to contribute an article for Hazed next week?

Sanguine, your humble temporary news droid of the week.

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