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EARTHDATE: November 12, 2017

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by Hazed

Once again, it’s time for the newsdroids to head back to the factory for tests, so there will be no Fed2 Star next weekend.

At least, the newsdroids tell me the reason they have to keep returning to their place of manufacture is to be tested, but I am beginning to wonder if that’s the real reason. I overheard ThingTwo saying that it was really looking forward to seeing a droid called Beebotaloobot. Possibly that’s one of the mechanics who is involved in the monitoring or testing, but the way ThingTwo was gushing about it, and ThingOne and ThingThree were teasing their colleague, suggests there may be a droid romance in the air.

The Star will be back on Sunday November 19, and then we’ll publish every week until it’s time for the Christmas break.

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