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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: July 2, 2017

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: Hazed publishes the new manual section on ship fighting, Alan explains what he’s up to now that fighting is finished, Hazed’s new robo-reporters start work, a painless way get vaccinated, the Curiosity rover has been making its own decisions, a real life newsdroid reports a fake earthquake, stupid criminal steals trackers so police have no problem finding him, a physicist cat, and a robot barperson. Plus Winding Down, the tech newsletter from Alan.

Official News

The Idiot’s Guide to Ship Fighting

What’s Alan doing now?

Newsdroid team makes its debut

Real life news: patch provides painless flu vaccine

Real life news: Curiosity’s autonomy a great success

Real life news: newsdroid reports fake earthquake

Dumb criminal of the week: tracked by stolen trackers

On the web: when a cat authored a physics paper

Video of the week: the pint-pulling robot

Winding Down