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EARTHDATE: August 9, 2015

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by Hazed

A player wanted a new bio planet adding to his system. He’d used the ‘CLAIM’ command to create his star system in the first place, and the ‘COLONISE’ command to add his second planet. But now he was ready for his third, and that can’t be linked automatically.

So he followed the instructions on the website to make a map for the new planet, and he amended his space map then sent the files to me. I checked them and didn’t find any problems, so I sent them to Alan, who linked them into the game.

But the new planet failed to appear.

Oh dear.

I will let Alan explain what went wrong:

“Arrrgh! My fault entirely. For the last 29 years there’s been a single file that tells the star system loader what to load, but a few months ago I decentralised it, so that there is a loader file in each star’s directory. This was the first planet I’ve put in manually since then, and out of sheer habit I added it to the old loader file.”

Whoops! I guess Alan should have written himself a manual.

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