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EARTHDATE: January 12, 2014

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by Hazed

Returning to the Fed2 Star office after the Christmas break, I found notification of a new character picture to be added to the FedTerm galleries.

Bender is a male droid who looks strangely drunk. Odd to see a robot that isn’t neuter, but then you get all sorts in Fed DataSpace.

To see for yourself what he looks like go to the FedTerm picture gallery. Download the picture by right-clicking on the image, selecting Save As... and putting it in the pictures sub-folder of the your FedTerm folder.

As well as character pictures, you can download pictures of planets so that when you use the system display tab to look at details, you will see a picture of the world. There are no new pictures in the planet gallery, but you can go and catch up on any you missed. Download them by right-clicking and selecting Save As... from the menu, then saving them to your computer in the FedTerm\planets folder.

If you want to let other people see what you, or your planet, looks like, you should make a picture to show us and mail it to feedback@ibgames.com (remember to put Fed2 in the subject line). Character pictures are 80 pixels wide by 96 high; planet pictures are 172 pixels square. Both should be in .bmp format. Character pictures should be named after your character, ie pugwash.bmp or newbod.bmp. Planet pictures should have a filename to match the planet name, ie marina.bmp or rigel 4.bmp.

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