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EARTHDATE: January 12, 2014

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by Hazed

We’re back from our Christmas break. The two ex-waitdroids that I have repurposed as newsdroids have benefited from their rest and have returned full of energy, enthusiasm and purpose. It probably won’t last…

Over the holidays, Santa enjoyed running his grotto on Earth so much that he’s extended his stay in Fed DataSpace. It’s still open for business so you have a couple of days to go visit him and get a toy from his lucky dip tub before he shuts up for another year.

We welcomed some old players back to the game over Christmas, including Jessecka, who immediately set about organising some events, running Feddergories and Fed Phrase Game with great success.

While he was off from his real life job, Alan made good progress with the new version of the location editor that he’s currently working on. I’ll give you more details on that next week.

Let me wish all our readers a Happy New Year. And now on with the first issue of the Star for 2014!

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