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EARTHDATE: September 16, 2012

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by Hazed

You may have noticed that the Official News is a bit shorter than usual this week. For some reason, I seem to have run out of news!

There are a whole lot of websites I browse on a daily basis for my own interest, which normally yield a lot of stories that I can write about for the real life news portion of the Fed2 Star. You can see the sort of places I lurk by looking at the source links at the end of the articles, plus I also get stories from blogs that specialise in pointing readers to the weird and wacky from newspapers around the world. Dumb criminal stories a speciality!

By the end of the week I usually have more than enough to fill the news. I can pick and choose the stories I want to write about, or write more than I need to get a head start on the next week. Over time I often build up a bank of unused stories to get me through the summer silly season.

But this week... there’s just not that much going on out there! At least, not that interests me enough to want to write about it. My stock of unused has stories has dried up, and I’m left with very little. Being reduced to writing about how there’s nothing to write about shows just how much barrel-scraping I am having to do.

I hope things pick up a bit next week. If not, I will be reduced to printing pictures of my new cats in the news. You can help prevent that - if you spot any story you think would fit with the kind of thing I put in the Fed2 Star, send it to me at fi@ibgames.com (please put Fed2 in the subject line). I don’t promise to write about everything I receive, but if I do, then you’ll get a credit in the news.

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