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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: July 8, 2012

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by Hazed

When I was explaining the situation to players in the game last night, some of them were shaking their heads in confusion. All this talk of DNS records and virtual servers was baffling them.

So if your eyes (or equivalent) glaze over when you read technical terms, here’s a simple explanation of what’s happening.

Fed2 is moving house. At yesterday’s reset we packed all of the information about your characters and their factories, planets, cartels and so on into boxes. Several burly men carried the boxes of zeroes and ones out to a U-Haul truck, and we drove everything over to Fed’s new home.

Early this morning, we unpacked the boxes and put everything in the cupboards and on the shelves in the new house.

Meanwhile, in the old house, there remains the ghost of Fed’s belongings...

We will shortly be sending out a change of address notice to the local cab company, so that when you get in a cab to come and visit Fed2, the driver will know that you want to come to the new house and not the old house. But some drivers are not as diligent in picking up their messages as others, so they may take you to the old house. If that happens, you will need to give them the actual address, instead of just saying “take me to Fed”. But even the drivers who are not on the ball will get the message in a day or two at which case you won’t need to be that specific.

There. Clear? Good.

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