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EARTHDATE: July 1, 2012

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by Hazed

If you don’t like spiders, insects and other creepy crawlies then you will hate this new robot called Clothbot – because it can climb up your trousers. Eeek!

Clothbot has been developed by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It crawls its way up clothing using the folds in the fabric, using a pair of gripper wheels. It weighs 140 grams, and it has a tail that helps it to manoeuvre.

The creators propose three uses for this cloth-climbing robot:

  • A tiny pet climbing on human bodies
  • A moveable phone on our shoulder which frees human hands
  • Body inspection

Wait... what? Body inspection? Do they plan to sell them to the TSA? What a horrible idea!

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57436652-1/why-does-clothbot-want-to-climb-up-your-pants/

Bonus robot of the week: a robot that wins at rock, paper scissors.

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