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EARTHDATE: October 10, 2010

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by Hazed

Building a Blish city to its maximum size takes 15 days. Then what happens? Well, the code for the next part will be going into the game in the middle of the coming week - probably on Wednesday if all goes well.

Once you have built your city (on rock n roll) you have to fit it out. This is the point where you decide which economic level it will have, which will determine which commodities it can give a production boost to when it is docked with a planet. The command to fit out the city is ' BUILD CITY level' where 'level' is either agri, resource, ind, tech or leisure.

Blish cities cannot be fitted out to bio level - the risk of spreading contamination throughout your cartel would be far too great!

Just like building the city in the first place, fitting it out uses up commodities and takes time, and the requirements are listed in the next article.

When the fitting out is complete, your city will launch, and at that point the workers required to run it will be taken from your population. (Don't worry, though, they will gradually be replaced over the next couple of weeks.)

After that, you won't be able to do anything with your city, until Alan writes the next bit of the code which will let you send it off to another planet in your cartel.

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