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EARTHDATE: January 31, 2010

Official News page 3


by Hazed

Last week I told you about sensational news reports showing that computer games cause rickets. I was very skeptical about this and said I was sure there were other explanations.

Well, it turns out I was right to be skeptical. Another writer, who has more time than I do to research these things, looked into the tabloid story and printed a debunking about the lazy journalism behind it. What's more, he then wrote to the scientists whose study was behind the sensational news stories and discovered that they did not say that gaming causes rickets - that was completely invented by journalists.

It's well worth reading his debunking here and his follow-up where he contacts the scientists here.

Then remember that just because you read it in the papers, doesn't mean it's true. (Unless it's in the Fed2 Star, of course!)

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