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EARTHDATE: April 5, 2009

Official News page 5


by Hazed

Anton Gallagher is pleased to announce that the new charm on sale from his high class emporium on Earth was designed specially for the season: specifically, for April Fool's day which was earlier in the week. The keyring accessory is a clown - or, to be exact, the head of clown. As usual, it costs a slithy and you can purchase it with 'BUY CLOWN', so long as you own one of TenBrane's high-tech keyrings.

Once the clown charm is in your possession, you can shake it or stroke it. To show it off to your friends and colleagues, you can wear it, or to dangle it from your keyring, clip it.

Last month's charm, the lovely singing bird, is no longer available - officially. However, as always, the assistant has kept a few under the counter and will sell you one for two slithies if you 'BUY SONGBIRD'. And, of course, she will pocket the slithies for her own use!

Remember that if you don't buy it before Monday's reset, there'll be no point getting it until Fed opens up on the new server on Wednesday!

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