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EARTHDATE: April 5, 2009

Official News page 2


by Hazed

Just to prove to you that we are making progress in setting up Fed's new home, we are pleased to publish this communique from Bella, received on Tuesday 31 March:

At 6:07am GMT Zardoz shimmered into existence in the version of Fed running on our new host, located in Manchester, England. Four minutes later, Arlene joined Zardoz and Bella in the game. This makes Zardoz and Arlene the first two players to play the game on the new host!

Bella took a photograph of the intrepid explorers in Chez Diesel to preserve the moment for posterity:

Chez Diesel ( Social Center of the Solar System)
This bar is one of the few constants in this ever-changing world - Diesel has been a leading light in Mars culture for centuries.
The centerpiece of the room is a large fountain made of white marble, which has been decorated with intricate abstract designs. The water changes color every few minutes, and the gushing upjet changes speed and direction, sometimes sprinkling the drinkers with water. Shoals of tiny robotic fish dart around in the rippling pool, chasing a floating shamrock left over from a party.
The decor is black, the fittings chrome, and the seats are the plushest, most comfortable leather sofas ever invented. The walls are covered with a thick, soft fabric so that anybody collapsing against them will be cushioned as they slide to the ground.
A shiny new electronic piano sits in one corner, and an elderly Arcturian uses his four arms to good effect to play requests.
A large spiral staircase leads through a trapdoor onto the roof of the bar.
Zardoz is here. Zardoz is wearing a wedding ring.
History in the making, Mr. Arlene is here. You can see Diesel and the Arcturian.

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