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EARTHDATE: January 25, 2009

Official News page 8


by Hazed

Have you recently got a new mobile phone? Have you been baffled by the enormous number of options you are offered, but found it's impossible to do the simplest things (such as use a volume control)? You're not alone. Recent research suggests that over three-quarters of those who get a new phone end up frustrated and angry.

The survey was compiled by mobile firm Mformation, and it reported that 85% of users said they were frustrated by the difficulty of getting a new phone up and running. 61% of those who were interviewed said setting up a new handset was as challenging as moving bank accounts.

4,000 people were questioned, and 95% of them said they would try more services if phones were easier to use. It sounds like phone companies may be losing sales because of the difficulty - or perceived difficulty - of upgrading a handset.

There's more info on this survey in this BBC News report.

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