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EARTHDATE: January 25, 2009

Official News page 4


by Hazed

As with all kinds of things you can do in Fed2, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. With teleporters, the potential is there for abuse, so I thought I'd head off any misuse before it gets started. Information about this has been added to the rules as things you should not do.

Snog-and-run attacks can seem like a huge joke, and having a teleporter just makes them even more funny. Port into a room, plant a kiss on someone, then port out again before they can react... hilarious! Well, yes, but only if your victim is someone who would welcome such attention. Porting in to kiss your Fed spouse or a best friend is fine; doing it to a stranger is not. Doing it to anyone when you are not sure what their reaction will be is not a good idea. Doing it to someone when you know they don't like it is crazy. It counts as harassment. Don't do it.

Porting in and out of a room over and over again is extremely irritating to anyone in the room. The messages will scroll which is very disruptive. It's just as annoying as walking in and out of a room over and over again. It counts as disruption. Don't do it.

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