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EARTHDATE: January 25, 2009

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Tuesday January 20
by Fancy-Fancy, Technocrat of Toontown

The United States of America inaugurated a new president, and Meteu, Cricket, and Andrew helped me inaugurate the 2009 season of the Fed Phrase Game. We gathered in Studio 1 with the big wheel. I gave our contestants who hadn't played in a while a refresher on the rules, and once all questions were answered, had them spin to set their playing order. Andrew got the first slot, Meteu the second, and Cricket the third.

Andrew eagerly made his first spin and called an R before I even had a chance to tell everyone that our first puzzle was 5 word things (7, 2, 3, 7, and 8 letters). He verified he still wanted R, but it wasn't in the puzzle. Meteu took over and placed an F and two G's, but then hit a Lose a Turn space. Cricket found a T and an S, but no W's. Andrew got the puzzle back, only to find there weren't any B's. Meteu hit a Bankrupt. Cricket found an L, then five N's before landing on Bankrupt. Andrew got the puzzle back again, eager to buy a vowel, but without points to do so. He remedied that by finding an H for 150 and a C for 500, enabling him to buy the O. He found three P's for 600 each, and bought the E and A's. He then found the D, and bought the I's and U, leaving only one letter unturned. He spun 300, and instead of calling the letter that would have filled in that letter, solved the puzzle instead - phalanx of tap-dancing penguins - for 1950 points.

Our second puzzle was 3 word things (9, 3, and 10 letters), and Meteu got to start it. Meteu started off finding three S's for 750 each, but no M's on his next spin. Cricket got the puzzle and found three T's, an R, an L, and an N, until a missing G stopped her. Andrew got a shot, but couldn't capitalize with a B. Nor Meteu with a Y, nor Cricket with a D. Getting the puzzle again, Andrew placed an F and 3 C's, then bought the A's, I's, and E's. He spun once more and placed the P, leaving only vowels, and then tried to solve, but did so incorrectly. Meteu got the puzzle back, bought the U's, and then read the solution to solve - fantastic ice sculptures - for 2000 points.

We had time for one more puzzle this evening, and it was a 7 word phrase (2, 3, 6, 1, 5, 3, and 3 letters). Cricket started off this round finding an S and T before a Lose a Turn space stopped her. Andrew took over and found 3 R's for 600. He also found an L for 400 more before hitting a Lose a Turn himself. Meteu found a P for 600, and a C for 450 before a Bankrupt wiped it out. Cricket got the puzzle back and placed an H for 1000, then an N, bought the I, then uncovered the K and D, and picked up a Free Spin with a G. She bought the A's and E's, then found two F's for 1000 each to leave only vowels. She then solved it - An elf drapes a thick fur rug - to win Round 3 with 4950 points.

That brought us to the end of tonight's game. Our final scores saw Cricket in first with 4950 points, Meteu in second with 2000, and Andrew in third with 1950. Congratulations to all three, and I hope to see you again on February 3 for our next exciting edition of the Fed Phrase Game!

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