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EARTHDATE: July 2, 2006

Inside Scoop - page 2


If you have ever wondered just what, exactly, your fellow Fedders look like then you should make sure you keep up to date with the FedTerm character pictures in Desertwolf's gallery. If you use FedTerm then you can download these pix and put them in your FedTerm picture sub-folder, then when you examine a player, get SpyNet information on them, or have a tight beam conversation, you will see the graphic. You can experiment by using those commands with Hazed, Bella, Freya, Buddy or Fancy - the front-end comes with their pictures included.

There are three new character pictures available. Rectobot is a robot. Well, you probably guessed that from the name. Trulayne is a green alien (apparently, he's a histroration, whatever that is). And Zadymka is a cute human female of the type I believe is often referred to as a "hottie".

Then why not make a character picture yourself so that other players using FedTerm can see what you look like? If you are artistically inclined, you can draw one yourself, or adapt a real-life photo. You can find a suitable pic somewhere on the internet - Google Images is a great way to search for pictures (go to and click on the Images link). We have also provided a selection of pictures you can use on the FedTerm Character Pictures page.

The same page has information about the size and format the pictures need to be, and it has Desertwolf's email address so you can send him your completed picture to add to the gallery.

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