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EARTHDATE: July 2, 2006

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Tuesday June 27
by Fancy-Fancy

I sent out the call for players to join me for the Fed Phrase Game, and seven players did tonight, in Studio 1 on the Lattice. Squeeky, Ondine, Nolepaul, and Bluehorseshoe were waiting for me when I arrived, and Sabrina, Bourbon, and Occy also joined us there. Everyone already knew how to play the game, so I had everyone spin the wheel once to determine the order in which they would take turns and the order came out Squeeky, Sabrina, Occy, Bluehorseshoe, Nolepaul, Ondine, and Bourbon.

Squeeky got to start tonight's first puzzle, which was a 5 word slogan (3, 4, 4, 2, and 5 letters). His first spin, though, was a Bankrupt, and Sabrina took over. Sabrina never relinquished control of that puzzle once she got it, picking up a free spin early, filled in all the consonants, and solved the puzzle - You know what we offer - for 4450 points.

I was handed a slithy tove to award tonight's winner as we started our second puzzle tonight, and I announced the prize. With everyone psyched up seeking to win the slithy, Occy got to start our second puzzle, a 6 word thing (1, 4, 4, 1, 13, and 4 letters). He added one letter for 150, then landed on 1000, but couldn't capitalize with an L. Bluehorseshoe got the puzzle, and added a few letters, bought the A's, and then the E's, but there weren't any E's, ending his turn. Nolepaul got the puzzle, and added a letter, but then hit a Bankrupt. Ondine promptly hit another Bankrupt on her first spin. Bourbon got the puzzle and added a pair of letters before a missing P ended his turn. Squeeky got to spin again, only to hit a Lose a Turn this time. Sabrina got this puzzle as well, adding single letters for 1000, 700, 500, and 1000 before solving - a door with a radioactivity sign - for another 3200 points.

Occy started our third puzzle tonight, which was on the menu - 6 words (6, 4, 7, 5, 3, and 3 letters). He found three T's and two N's on his first two spins before a Bankrupt wiped it all out. Bluehorseshoe found a couple of S's for 1500 before another Bankrupt immediately erased it. Nolepaul got the puzzle and found an R for 1000 points, then bought the I. A Lose a Turn ended his turn on the next spin. Ondine took over and added an H, found two D's to pick up a Free Spin of her own, then a W, three C's for 1000 each, an L for 700 more, bought the E's, and placed the M's before deciding she'd like to solve, and did - scones with clotted cream and jam - for 5150 points.

Our fourth puzzle tonight was a 5 word phrase (4, 2, 4, 5, and 7 letters). Bourbon got to start this one. He found an N for 600, picked up a Free Spin with a pair of D's, and 1500 points more with a pair of T's before an Bankrupt zapped his points. Bourbon decided to hold onto his free spin, and the turn passed. Squeeky's slot was next, but he had to leave because of an approaching storm, so Sabrina got the turn, and finished off this puzzle as well, placing the R's, A's, M's, F, E's, H (for another Free Spin), and G before solving - Made of rare earth magnets - for 2300 points.

Tonight's fifth and final puzzle was 4 word things (6, 8, 3, and 9 letters). Once again, Occy got to start the puzzle and placed a T for 100, and a G for 1000 before missing with an H. Bluehorseshoe took over and found the L and S's before hitting a Lose a Turn space. Nolepaul got the puzzle and uncovered the C's, R, N, and E before missing with an H. Ondine took over and found two D's, but then missed with an M. Ondine passed on using her free spin, and the turn went to Bourbon. Bourbon found a P and F, then bought the I's and A's, which filled things in for everyone. Bourbon spun once more and placed the last two consonants, a pair of B's, in the puzzle, then solved it - Filing cabinets and cupboards - to take Round 5 for 700 points.

That brought us to the end of tonight's game. I added up the scores, and in third place tonight was Bourbon with 700 points. Ondine was our runner-up with 5150 points. And tonight's big winner, and winner of a slithy tove, was Sabrina. Congratulations, Sabrina!

Thank you to all who played or tuned in to tonight's game. We'll do this again on July 11, starting at 10.00pm eastern. For the 4th of July, I have decided to conduct it during the day, starting at 4.00pm eastern, which will give our players in the UK and other European countries a chance to play, along with players in the US who happen to be home then on the holiday. Join me in Studio 1 for that special edition of FEDPARDY!

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