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EARTHDATE: June 18, 2006

Event Reports - page 3


Thursday June 15
by Squeeky

This is one of those unfortunate times when you forget to save. Unfortunately, the power went out on my computer before I could save the details of the event to my hard disk. But I do remember enough to give you a brief report of this week's Wacky Words.

The theme of the night was body parts, and Catspaws guessed it correctly after the first word.

When the final scores were added up, there was a tie for first place with Astrix and Ondine both having 10 points. Coming in second was Fancy with 9 points and in third was Catspaws with 5 points.

Thanks to everyone who played Wacky Words this week and to those who showed up to cheer them on. Join us again in two weeks, and next week it will be Fed Word Scramble. That's Thursday nights at 10.00pm eastern.

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